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FTP-fast Download-very slow Upload

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  • FTP-fast Download-very slow Upload

    Love BC3. Use it on 3 systems, XP, Win7, and Win8, to maintain files for a photo gallery. This involves uploads and download of files averaging around 3MB. No big problem in itself.

    Question I have is why upload speed is so much slower than download. 20 files download takes less than 10 seconds, whereas an upload of the same 20 files could easily take 3-4 minutes.

    That is why I am asking, because most of the times I need to upload files. I have spoken to the ISP and have been assured that I have full access right to the directory structure.

    Is there any way to improve this? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Speeds on most ISP's are asymetric

    Most ISPs (cable and DSL) have asymmetric speeds. that is down is usually much faster than up. for my cable its somewhere between 15 and 25 Mb down and under 1 up. most likely the difference is caused by this. There are speed check sites. see if you can find one that measures in both directions.


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      The first thing I would try to troubleshoot is test with another FTP client to see if this is a BC3 specific issue. lhasadad is correct in that many ISP's have asymmetric speeds, either on a whole or perhaps capped for this type of transfer. You could use another client like Filezilla, or Windows Explorer's built-in FTP support (copy and paste the ftp://[email protected]/folder path from BC3 into Explorer; we use the same syntax).

      You can also try running a Speed Test as a secondary test after trying the other FTP client.

      Edit: Full access writes would be required to write or read the files, but generally don't control speed. That you are able to read/write at all would indicate your permissions are probably fine.
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        Thanks for the comments

        Thanks for both replies.

        I have tried the FTP client CoreFTP and kept getting the same result. Fast downloads and slow uploads. I guess that's just how it is.

        Appreciate your comments.


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          Well, you know it isn't specific to a Client, but there might be other customization (or troubleshooting the server itself) that might help improve speeds. I would also suggest running some kind of Speed Test on your internet connection, to see if these speeds correlate. This would let you know if its your internet that the bottleneck, or if the server itself is slow for some reason.
          Aaron P Scooter Software