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Understanding FTP profiles and speed limits.

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  • Understanding FTP profiles and speed limits.

    [BC Pro 3.3.13]
    Hi, I have a bit of hard time understanding how to apply FTP profiles.

    1) If I have an active FTP connection, how can I verify it uses the FTP profile I want?
    2) Can I start a FTP session from the profiles with BCompare welcome screen somehow?
    3) When altering the transfer limits in the different profile, I see no change in the ongoing file transfer according to my 3rd party traffic meeter. Must I restart the transfer in order to apply the new transfer limit?

    Not related to profiles:
    4) The "Minutes remaining" seems to be completely off, it estimates 10 hours remaining but when calculating manually it is roughly 4 (MB copied so far vs time taken since trnasfer started, according to BCompare status). Known issue? Is it specific when using the speed limiter feature?


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    1) Every profile has a unique name based on the ftp://[email protected]/ combination. If a profile does not exist, then it will be created when you connect to a new combination.

    2) The Welcome screen is designed to drag and drop files, load a saved session (which can have an FTP path defined), or load a new Folder Compare which can then load a Profile.

    3) If the connection is already open and Profile is loaded, altering the settings may not apply until you've restarted that session to reload the profile. For troubleshooting purposes, I recommend closing the current tab (or all windows if needed) and restarting the comparison after altering Profile settings.

    4) The Minutes remaining estimate is the closest we can guess based on the amount left to transfer and current speed. It updates as things fluctuate, but calculating the estimated time remaining can be tricky and isn't 100% accurate.
    Aaron P Scooter Software