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SFTP+Unicode, and FTP passwords

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  • SFTP+Unicode, and FTP passwords

    First, let me say that FTP/SFTP support looks great so far! Everything that I've tried seems to work so far with two exceptions...

    1. It looks like SFTP+Unicode does not work properly. I don't know if it is Cirrus or the SFTP server, but Unicode filenames appear as garbage.

    I made a file called "日本語" on my Linux server. When accessing it through FTP in Cirrus everything works, but using SFTP it turns into a file called "ã�¦ã�™ã�¨", which I assume is UTF-8 bytes interpreted as ANSI or something. All functions still work, but the file has a garbled name.

    2. One other problem I've been having is that the FTP passwords are only sent if you select "save password". Otherwise, Cirrus just sends a packet with a blank password. SFTP seems to work fine.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    1) UTF-8 support was added to the SFTP spec relatively recently, so most servers, including OpenSSH, do not support it and use ANSI instead. If ANSI on the server is a Far East codepage and the one on your system is a different one you'll see garbage filenames. You can change that by going into Cirrus's FTP profile for the server and changing the "Encoding:" option on the first page from "Detect" to a specific one.

    2) I can't reproduce this problem. How are you entering your FTP base folder and when are you entering your password?
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      1) Fixed! Great! That was easy... it looked like a simple encoding problem, I just missed the "encoding" field.

      2) Doing a bit more research, it looks like I have to set up an FTP profile first, without the password in the profile. When I connect using that profile, it will prompt for a password, but it won't actually send it. In this case, it doesn't matter if I type the password into the "browse for folder" dialog - it always asks for a password again, then fails.


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        2) I found the bug and it will be fixed in the next release, but other than saving the password in the profile I can't think of a workaround right now. If this is a show stopper for you email support and we can send you a new build.
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          It's not a problem for me at all. I use SFTP for everything, and only found the bug when doing a speed comparison between the two.

          There is one minor issue with the FTP/SFTP GUI, which is that when I set concurrent transfers to 4 (for example) and transfer 4 files, the bottom window will say something like "transferring 1 of 4" the entire time. Perhaps it would be a bit more descriptive to say "transferring 1-4 of 4".
          Actually the best would be to have 4 progress bars going at the bottom like Filezilla does, but that's probably a bit too much...


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            Thanks for the suggestion. I'll make a note about the progress reporting when using multiple connections for our developers.
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