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passing sessions around ... is there a way

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  • passing sessions around ... is there a way

    Is there a way to forward a session identifier to colleagues?
    Similar to a calendar event (iCal), it's a small attachment that
    someone running Cirrus can plug in a new session quickly.

    Right click on one of your session id's, and choose a new "email"
    action to send it. The attachment would have an action associated
    with the ".bc3" session type (for example)

    Like most things from Scooter, you've probably already thought of this
    and implemented it, and I didn't find it.

    | I found the export options, which appears to be oriented toward
    | moving my whole environment from one machine to another.
    | The focus of this item is for sending a single session id,
    | complete with password (probably encrypted) to someone else
    | for easy collaboration.
    Last edited by dickdunbar; 29-Dec-2007, 02:40 PM. Reason: Clarification of request; a variation on export/import.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. The only way to share sessions in the current version is with the Tools|Import Settings and Tools|Export Settings commands.

    I'm not sure that we'll have more options than this in 3.0 due to time constraints, but we'll definitely discuss options to make it easier to share settings.
    Chris K Scooter Software