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SFTP Folder Compare / Upload on SunOS Dreadfully slow

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  • SFTP Folder Compare / Upload on SunOS Dreadfully slow


    I've been using BC3 in Trial mode for the past couple of weeks, waiting for payday so I can register it. But I'm having a problem.

    I use it mainly in Folder Compare mode, for transferring files to/from a SunOS 5.9 machine.

    When I connect, it is VERY VERY VERY slow to perform it's Sync operation. If I doubleclick on a folder I want to open, it can take up to TEN minutes before it displays the folders contents (and these are not huge folders). This doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen at least half the time.

    When I try to upload a file, whether it's a replacement or a new file, it will often times do the upload, but the little red progress bar will sit at completion, while the (X) blinks, for many minutes, never actually, truly, "completing" the transfer. Other times, the upload, which is always a very small text file rarely larger than 20k, can take 10-15 seconds. And this is on a fast net connection.

    I have the most recent version of BC3 (I just checked -- 9037).



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    Hi Rob,

    Do you have problems with a slow connection using other SFTP clients?

    Are you connecting to the SunOS machine over a LAN or wide area network?

    Do you see any error messages in BC3's log when you connect?
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I use Filezilla for some of the transfers to the same machine, and it's nice 'n quick.

      I just scrolled back through the log; no errors. I can tell you from looking at the log that it's using openSSL 3.9p1, if that helps any.

      The transfer slowless is far less of a problem than the Refresh slowness...