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Switching Link resolution still requires restart

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  • Switching Link resolution still requires restart


    Why does switching the default Link resolution method in the FTP Profiles dialog (under Listings) still require a restart of BC3 in order to take effect?

    Please consider to make Simple the default method for fresh installations, since it is more reliable than Fast.

    One of our production Linux servers was running out of diskspace in the /oracle directory. BC is a very helpfull tool in such a situation since you can figure out how much space is consumed by each directory (and /oracle has a lot of them).
    Scanning that dir gave lots of errors in the log pane, so I had to figure out which files and folders were unreadable for BC. In our test-environment there was no problem calculating all file and folder sizes.
    So I tried to change the Link resolution method to Simple, but no improvment. I had to close all tabs and restart BC3 in order to make the change really happen. Now the directories in production were scanned without errors.


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    I agree that the Link Resolution setting should take effect without requiring a restart of BC, I added it to our todo list.

    I think we use "Fast" as the default for Link Resolution because it is quicker than the Simple method, but maybe Craig can explain the decision in more detail.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      The default settings for BC's FTP list support relies on a single LIST request to get the FTP details. Both "Simple" link resolution and the "Fetch incomplete timestamps" options would give better information, but they also both can dramatically increase the listing time based on the number of items. You could instead switch to a server that supports the "Resolve Links" list option or MLST.
      Zoë P Scooter Software


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        Well, I'm forced to use SFTP to access our servers. So there is no real alternative to switch the server software.

        As a matter of fact I get errors in the log window with "fast" resolution, when I try to scan the /oracle directory recursively.
        And since SFTP is IMHO always a little bit slower than pure FTP traffic I wouldn't mind it taking a bit longer if only the scan would finish without errors (using "simple" resolution).
        In the meantime I changed that option in all my saved host-profiles and in the default profile.

        I can post or mail an example when I'm back at office tomorrow ...

        Nevermind, if other users will come across this problem and post that here in future, I can tell how to probably solve this .