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    I'm not sure if this is a problem with my settings or a problem with BC (or for that matter a problem at all, or just a lack of understanding on my part).

    When I open a folder compare involving a remote site by FTP, when I try to then open a single file within those folders to view the differences, it hangs. Sometimes for many minutes before it opens the file compare view, but the folder compare is still working away while it waits.

    My FTP profile settings use 5 threads for the compare, and I would assume that it would appropriate one of these threads to open the file. Is there a way to elevate my request to view the file contents above the on going folder compare?

    Any ideas?

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    The file viewer will make request the file download and normally completes as soon as there is a connection available. One issue you might be seeing is if you have background content comparisons active. In that case the background comparison has already added a request to download that file and opening the file viewer doesn't currently update the queue to give that request higher priority. I plan to fix that at some point, but haven't had time yet.
    Zoë P Scooter Software