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Select which (local) IP address to use for FTP

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  • Select which (local) IP address to use for FTP

    Is there a way to select which IP address (or ethernet adapter) to use when making FTP(S) connections?

    I'm trying to connect to an FTPS server using a wired ethernet connection, and our company firewall is preventing the connection. However, I'm also able to connect wirelessly to an access point that is outside the firewall and when I use that connection FTPS works fine.

    I'd rather not disable the wired connection each time I need to access the FTPS site. Another FTP product we use FlashFXP provides the option to select which local IP to use for the socket connections. (See attached).

    Is this possible with BC3, and if not, could it be added?


    UPDATE: We were able to configure the firewall to provide FTPS access, so I no longer need this request. However, it may be still be a nice feature for BC.

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