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Problem Connecting to FTP server

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  • Zoë
    If you're using SSL connections your script should use ftps://user... Also, you have to have the professional edition of BC; if possible make sure that you can connect interactively first, then copy the URL from there.

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  • blaz
    started a topic Problem Connecting to FTP server

    Problem Connecting to FTP server

    I am having a problem connecting to a FTP Server. We have some pretty heavy security on it. We are using SSL Listings, SSL Transfer and OpenSSL.

    I first tried connecting to it VIA the FTP profiles. It would not connect and it didn't give me any real error message. It keeps on giving me a error saying unable to load base folders and exits. So I tried scripting the call.

    My Script is this.

    load c:\Patcher\Test" "ftp://user[email protected]//Ops-Test/" and I get the same error.

    I know I have the correct folder structure and the correct log-in and password but cannot access this server.

    One more question: In this script here can you unzip a file? I want to get a file from the FTP server, unzip it, compare it to another server and then upload the differences. I can connect right now to one FTP server and compare files locally on my computer but I cannot connect to the server where the zip is and I am not sure how to unzip that file as well. What language is this using?