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Any Recommendations on SFTP Server

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  • Any Recommendations on SFTP Server

    A few generic question here. Hopefully someone will be able to provide a little assistance & information.

    I have a Win Xp Pro system,
    I am looking for a lightweight sftp server to work in conjunction with BeyondCompare3 Pro.
    After initial install and setup, if possible I would like to be able to run it as a WIndows Service.
    This way there would be no interaction necessary, and no user messing up any settings.

    The server does not have to have all the bells and whistles of a high dollar product. All it would need, are the command set functions which BeyondCompare supports; in it's compare & sync or copy functions.

    I have searched around quite a bit and have tried a few programs.
    One which came closest to suit my needs is freeSSHd. Even though when running as a Windows Service it shows an icon on the taskbar, it will run smoothly after setup with no user intervention. I could have the service set to come on and off as my sync & compare times dictated.

    Unfortunately, freeSSHd is effectively a dead product as of a week or so ago. And there are a few outstanding issues which need to be resolved within the product. Such as when using SFTP, even though you initially set up the default "HomePath" directory for login, it will always default to the windows system folder of "c:\windows\system32\"
    When you use normal FTP, the directory is able to be set.

    So any help from others out here who have been down this path before?
    I would appreciate any constructive thoughts on recommendations of a lightweight SFTP server which could be run as a windows service.

    = = =
    On another thought
    Also since the programmer has effectively quit supporting the program (freeSSHd) after the latest release (ver 1.2.2 Jan 27),

    What about ScooterSoftware taking over the freeSSHd project and incorporating it into BC3 Pro?
    This way it would be a total package install from endpoint to endpoint?
    I can see a BC3ProServer install, where you have the option to install BC3 and a SFTP server or an option to just install BC3 or the SFTP server.
    Having a Lightweight SFTP server which runs as a windows service.

    This is the link which talks about the developers reluctance to continue development without any monetary reimbursement.
    He also mentions in another post about the source code being readily available at their svn.

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    Hi Robert!

    Have you tried this one?

    Personally I've no experience with this product.



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      Hi Robert,

      Thank you for the suggestion, but we don't have the interest or resources to maintain a server-side product. Even if we wanted to, our expertise is in Delphi (Pascal), so freeSSHd isn't a good fit, and we'd probably want something optimized to synching with BC, rather than a generic SFTP server.

      I've tested BC at various times with these SFTP servers:

      OpenSSH free
      freeSSHd free
      Core FTP mini SFTP server free
      VanDyke VShell $$$
      SSH Tectia $$$
      Titan FTP Enterprise $$$
      Bitvise WinSSHD $/free

      It's been a while since I compared their features, but any of them should do a decent job. Very few of them support Unicode filenames though; I know VanDyke VShell does and OpenSSH doesn't. They require SFTP-4 or newer to do so. There are actually several Windows distributions of OpenSSH, so if the one that Christoph and I linked do doesn't include an option to run as a server there's likely other ones that do.
      Zoë P Scooter Software