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FTPS timestamp differences after moving to 3.1.0

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  • FTPS timestamp differences after moving to 3.1.0

    I have a couple of local directories I keep in sync with files from a FTPS server. On a daily basis, I do a folder compare, and pull down files from the server, and use the server timestamp for the files copied to my local directory.

    Yesterday, these 2 directories were in sync, with no differences. Today after upgrading to BC 3.1.0, all of the files show up as different.

    I took a screenshot with 3.1.0, and then downgraded to 3.0.15 to see the differences. All of the files on the server seem to have a different time -- they are all off by minute.

    For example, in 3.0.15 a file had a timestamp of 3:11 PM (on the server, and also on my local machine), but now in 3.1.0 this same file has a timestamp of 3:10 PM on the server, so it shows up as different.

    Is this a bug that was fixed between 3.0.15 and 3.1.0 where the previous version may have been pulling incorrect timestamps? Or, is this a new bug in 3.1.0?

    Note: for this FTP profile, I'm manually telling BC the timezone (GMT-5).

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    Hi Rob,

    I checked both the version control system and the changelog and couldn't find changes that could do what you're describing. Can you log into your server without using SSL? If so, try logging in using the FTP.exe command line client and use the "DIR" command to get a directory listing. If you send a copy of that here I should be able to figure out what's going on. If you have to use SSL, try using another FTP client like Filezilla to see what it shows for the times.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the quick reply. Scooter's responsiveness on these forums is one of the great benefits of using BC all these years.

      This is a FTP server that one of our clients maintain, and yes we need to use SSL. However, I tried a couple of other clients -- FlashFXP, and FireFTP. Both of these clients reported a timestamp that matches what I reveived when using BC 3.0.15. Seems like there is something different with 3.1.0.

      I'm working on trying to get you a logfile that shows the directory listing from one of these programs, and also screenshots from BC. Is there any way to see the raw directory listings in the BC FTP trace log? I have that enabled, but it doesn't show the directory listings.

      I'll send you an e-mail shortly with these logs/screenshots.


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        Thanks, Rob. This should be fixed and addressed in the next release (3.1.1).
        Aaron P Scooter Software