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Avoid ASCII-Transfer when using Hex-Compare

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  • Avoid ASCII-Transfer when using Hex-Compare

    Hi Scooter-Team,

    please take a look at the following scenario:
    On a Linux-Server there are two text-files (text1.txt with 100 bytes and test2.txt with 104 bytes) with same content, but different line endings (one has CR+LF, the other only CR).
    Now I use BC3 on Windows in order to compare the two files via (S)FTP. As expected the file compare reveals that the files are the same.
    But when I open them in Hex-Compare there should be some differences displayed due to line endings. To my surprise Hex-Compare does not show any differences and the filesize in the info pane is on both sides 104 bytes.

    After some experiments I disabled the ".txt" extension in the FTP transfer settings, so that txt files get transfered in binary mode instead of ASCII.
    A reload of both files now showed the different line endings in the Hex-Compare.

    I want to suggest, that Hex-Compare (and maybe other special compares, too) should always use binary transfer mode regardless of what extensions are set to ASCII in the FTP profiles.

    Does that make sense, or am I overlooking something?


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    That is a good suggestion, Christoph. I'll add it to our Wishlist for our developers to look at.

    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I've tried in 3.3 beta, but still the same trouble .

      Alternatively you could display a warning icon in the file-info area that it has been converted during transfer and the displayed file-size may not be correct?

      Any chance?



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        Hello Christoph,

        Thanks for the bump. This is still on are radar and an open issue, but is not something we have been able to tackle yet.

        As a workaround, how does switching your FTP profile to use binary transfers for everything work for you?
        Aaron P Scooter Software