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Active vs. Passive Mode Bug

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  • Active vs. Passive Mode Bug

    It appears that the application must be restarted for active or passive mode settings to take effect -- this was also an issue in BC2.

    I came to this conclusion by doing the following:
    1. Entered new session settings for a folder comparison vs. an ftp site (left settings at default profile, ftp set to passive)
    2. Ftp site required active mode, so I change the session settings, editing the ftp profile to use active
    3. I try to connect again, but I can see that it is still trying to use passive mode in the log window (5/2/2008 5:08:16 PM Recv> 227 Entering Passive Mode (72,3,224,94,135,194)), and connection fails.

    Closing and re-opening the application makes the settings change take effect. Can this be fixed?

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    ??? bump ???


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      We'll look into improving this soon.

      Tim T Scooter Software


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        This is still not fixed in the latest build (462). Do you plan on fixing this before the 3.0 release? Perhaps not a lot of your customers connect to as many different types of ftp servers as our company does, however this is an extremely annoying bug that my team has to deal with. We'd certainly appreciate it if this got some attention. Thanks!


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          This should be fixed in the next release (465, aka 3.0.0). In the meantime, both BC2 and BC3 should detect the change if you use a Ctrl+F5 (Full Refresh) since that closes all active connections.
          Zoë P Scooter Software


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            Sounds good. Thanks for addressing this.