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    I use BC for a number of web sites all hosted by the same company. When doing FTP uploads the files are normally timestamped with the current time on the remote server (as expected with FTP). In the case of one particular site the timestamp from my local PC is being copied across. I am trying to change it to behave in the normal way but with no success for far. I have:-

    1. Tried re-creating the profile using a clone of another profile that behaves normally.
    2. Contacted tech support at the hosting company - they have tried an upload on the site and not found the problem.
    3. Tried uploading from my local PC using an alternative FTP client program and got the normal behaviour.

    The problem therefore seems to be specific to the particular site and the use of BC as a client. Seems really bizarre. Can anyone help?



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    Hi Andrew,

    Are you saying that BC is successfully copying the last modified time to the FTP site and you don't want to do that? If that's the case open your FTP profile and uncheck "Preserve timestamps on upload" on the Transfer tab.

    Not preserving timestamps isn't really "normal" FTP behavior; many Unix FTP servers just don't support any of the commands used for setting the last modified time. Most Windows servers, OTOH, do. Normally BC will use any command available to try to copy the last modified time when you copy a file.
    Zoë P Scooter Software