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  • FTP Structure?

    How do you FTP to you website? I understand the concept of dragging and dropping addiional files onto your website vis a suitable FTP client. However, how do you know where these files will be placed on the website. Is there anyway to format the positioning of everything?

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    Hello eakinasila,

    When you copy from one pane (Left) to the other (Right), then the folder structure of your file will also be copied up to the defined base folder. So if you have entered in the folder path c:\folder, and below in the pane you have selected a file in a subfolder (c:\folder\subfolder\file), then subfolder\file will copy across and be placed in the Right's base folder.

    You can use the Copy To Folder command to more specifically pick where you want the copy to go. We match the Folder Structure during a normal copy because we consider the matching folder structure important to the comparison.
    Aaron P Scooter Software