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Automatic UNIX => NTFS/FAT Filename Conversion

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  • Automatic UNIX => NTFS/FAT Filename Conversion

    {BC3.1.9 build 11282}

    I'm looking for a setting that will automatically strip out (or convert to something innocuous) the filename characters that NTFS/FAT/FAT32 don't like , e.g. :?<>| etc.

    Attempting to transfer a file to a Windows system a file with one of these characters seems to go through the process but the result seems to be discarded.

    BTW: I've just looked at (a recent version of) FileZilla, and that also seems to do the transfer but agan the file contents are discarded without any error or warning. A zero length file is created, but its name is just a shortening of the original. There are various reports on their tracking system relating to the same problem, so BC is not alone, but it doesn't seem like too difficult a problem to fix.

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    This problem has already been reported in this thread:

    Today I tried with version 3.1.9:

    on Linux: echo test >"/tmp/test:txt"
    ==> file with 5 bytes gets created

    in BC: copy this file to C:\temp\

    ==> on the first view the copy command succeeded but a refresh reveales, that a file named "test" gets created with 0 bytes in size.

    Room for improvement??



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      Colin and Christophe,

      Thanks for the suggestion. Handling for filenames that aren't valid on Windows is on our wish list.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        [...] is on our wish list.
        Eeehhrrmm, should it not be better on the bug list to be fixed asap?

        Obviously after copy (or even worse: move) and without manual refresh BC displays a different directory content as it is in fact in the file-system.



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          Thanks, Christoph. I've opened a tracker entry on this issue (related to the wishlist entry) to look into this. The wishlist entry is to handle this situation and allow the copying, but this would obviously require a lot of investigation to design an appropriate solution. The tracker entry I've added is to create an error if an invalid filename would be copied.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            I would like to add my support for this too. Ideally an option that lets you choose a replacement character.

            I'm in the situation where I've previously copied folders from the server using Filezilla, which replaces invalid characters with an underscore. Now when I try to update these folders using BeyondCompare, it wants to delete these files from my local copy (since obviously the filename is different on the server), which would result in my local copies of those files being lost.