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Wish list item - 'copy filename without login'

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  • Wish list item - 'copy filename without login'

    On the right-click menu for a filename on an FTP site, it would be nice to have an additional item for 'copy filename without login' (as is provided by several FTP client utilities). I have all but abandoned FTP client apps, using BC for most uploads these days, and it is often the case that after an upload I want to e-mail a link to someone. Currently BC 'copy filename' includes the account name that I had specified for the upload in the folder name.

    It would also be useful to have embedded spaces replaced by %20, too.
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    I've added your suggestion to our Customer Wishlist. How are you using the file names where you need %20 automatically inserted?
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      I am pasting them into e-mail. Some e-mail clients (I use Thunderbird) don't always highlight a link correctly when it contains spaces, so using the %20 makes it more likely that the recipient will be able to click them successfully.

      It's only a small issue, but it is annoying to have to go back to SmartFTP just for this feature. I find that cutting and pasting the FTP path is the only way to ensure that I have made no typos in the link!