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Connect with sudo su - <xxuserxx>

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  • Connect with sudo su - <xxuserxx>

    Using BC3, Is there a way to gain sudo access into a Unix system?
    (via FTP or SFTP).

    Login to our unix environments is by a personal acct id/pswd, then you have to sudo su - appuser (eg) to gain privs to change script files / look at log files etc...
    Access by BC FTP because my personal acct can view files but not change them.. Access by BC FTP using the 'appuser' id/pswd possible on 1 or 2 systems because we know that pswd.. but soon it'll change and be a sudo only account.

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    I don't think it is possible. The FTP and SFTP protocols might not provide a way to issue the sudo or su commands.

    There are two ways to work around this issue. One is to change the permissions on the files so an account that is allowed to connect by FTP or SFTP can modify them. The other option is to upload files to a location allowed for an FTP or SFTP account, then login by SSH (using an application other than BC), su to root, then move the files to their final location.
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