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Problem with international characters

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  • Problem with international characters

    It seems that when connecting to a Linux server through SFTP from a windows box, if the file or folder has an international character in the name then the name gets messed up.

    For example, lets say I name a folder on the Linux box "überfolder". From the windows box i then use beyond compare 3 to compare it's parent to a local folder, BC3 displays the remote folder name as "überfolder". There are problems because "überfolder" != "überfolder".

    I am using an Ubuntu Karmic server and Windows XP box.

    Does anyone know how to fix this so that BC3 correctly displays the remote folder name?


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    Open the Tools->FTP Profiles dialog, and on the general tab is a "Encoding" combobox. Try "UTF-8" first, and "ANSI" if that doesn't work. If neither of those does you can pick a more specific one.
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      That worked! Everything now matches up without any problems!

      Thanks for the insanely fast response Craig!