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Cannot enter passive mode: SYN_SENT

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  • Cannot enter passive mode: SYN_SENT


    With version 2 I can connect to my FTP servers in passive mode.

    With version 3, when trying to enter passive mode, the TCP socket remains in SYN_SENT mode forever.

    I'm attaching the FTP log generated by both versions of Beyond Compare and the TCP socket examined with TCPView.

    It's a pity...

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    Could you send in your BC2's BC and BC3's BC (both from the Help menu -> Support; Export) to [email protected] ?

    For troubleshooting, if you alter different BC3 settings in the FTP Profile, such as the different LIST options, does that help?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Cannot enter passive mode: SYN_SENT

      Thank you, but I've tried from another machine (in other network) and it works fine. Apparently, the problem is with our router/firewall.

      Nevertheless, the problem is very weird; for exmaple, only some programs work OK, others not. Seems like FTP libraries behave different from each other:

      Beyond Compare 2 -> OK
      Beyond Compare 3 -> DOESN'T WORK
      CuteFTP 2.8 -> OK
      CuteFTP 8 -> DOESN'T WORK
      Altap Salamander -> DOESN'T WORK
      Directory Opus -> OK

      I had the hope of version 3 of BC work
      Any clue?


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        The only obvious thing I can think of is if you're using a software-based firewall that needs to be configured to allow specific applications through.

        You can also try switching the FTP library in BC2. In the Options dialog on the FTP->Advanced panel, switch from "SmartFTP" to "Indy 9". We're only using Indy v10 for BC3.
        Zoë P Scooter Software


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          Thank you. I've done the test.

          Indy 9 -> DOESN'T WORK
          SmartFTP -> OK

          Still applies the software-based firewall theory?