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  • FTP cached (or something)?

    Connecting to a ftp at my host. Running file compares and updates between a directory structure on C: drive and directories on the host. I have been doing this "forever" with good results but on one host I seem to be (a) caching obsolete files and (b) not writing to the host even when I do a save or copy operation. I know that sounds vague.

    Let's take an example: in one case I had a /modules/gallery3 directory yesterday on the host. I could see it both in cpanel on the host and through BC. I deleted it through Cpanel and added a gallery2 directory instead. Did this yesterday (4/25/2010). Came in today and BC still saw the gallery3 directory -- which was gone (confirmed by both Cpanel file manager and another ftp client) and didn't see the gallery2 directory. I tried all versions of refreshes through cpanel. Even shut BC down and came back in. Deleted files still showed up and new files did not. BC even let me "delete" the gallery3 directory and sat there simulating a delete of files that were not on the host. Like it was deleting them from cache or something.

    In another case I uploaded an /installation directory from the C: drive to the host. It doesn't show on the host ... like it is not writing there.

    In other cases I have been doing file by file edits. I will have the C: drive (repository) file on the left and make edits to the host version on the right, then click save. It says it's saved but the changes are not taking. I am not getting an error but when I go back to look at the files the changes are not there. Hummm, thinking ... I just went into one of the files I edited and looked at it again in the BC editor. The change is there (on the host side). However, looking right at the same file on the host I am not seeing the change.

    Any ideas. I have blown at least 3 hours of work with this strangeness.

    Sent a by email a few minutes ago.

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    just to add to caching problem

    after taking a break after my previous post ... I came back in to BC and my FTP connection to my site. After making the connection I had it do a full refresh. I captured the log area as it rummaged through the site. Recall I said that I had uploaded an INSTALLATION directory from BC earlier. Well that shows up and here is a little area of the log file that shows the ftp process:

    "4/26/2010 11:43:52 AM Recv> 227 Entering Passive Mode (207,210,70,115,137,20)
    4/26/2010 11:43:52 AM Sent> MLSD
    4/26/2010 11:43:52 AM Recv> 150 Accepted data connection
    4/26/2010 11:43:52 AM Recv> 226-Options: -a -l
    4/26/2010 11:43:52 AM 226 37 matches total
    4/26/2010 11:43:52 AM Sent> CWD /public_html/html/INSTALLATION
    4/26/2010 11:43:52 AM Recv> 250 OK. Current directory is /public_html/html/INSTALLATION
    4/26/2010 11:43:52 AM Sent> PASV
    4/26/2010 11:43:52 AM Recv> 227 Entering Passive Mode (207,210,70,115,186,128)
    4/26/2010 11:43:52 AM Sent> MLSD"

    so it is definitely at least simulating the ftp "process" ... the problem is that when I look on Cpanel file manager there is no such INSTALLATION directory. So where is BC FTP finding this. Very puzzling. It is definitely connecting (or has in the past connected) to the right FTP location because some of the files I have there are ONLY on that site.


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      Try opening the Tweaks dialog (Ctrl+Shift+T) and turn on the "Include debug messages in log" checkbox in the "Folder Views" tab, then close BC, re-open, and reconnect.

      BC does cache directory listings as you're navigating around folders, but not between runs, and it doesn't simulate it in any way. It is sending a "change directory" command, and the server is replying with "No problem". Once you get the log send the full thing to [email protected] with a link back to this thread, and we'll take a look.
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        Arghh ... never mind ... user error of sorts

        My host did a server upgrade a weekend ago. I think he changed IP addresses. MY FTP "favorite" was pointing at a specific IP address (207.210 etc). I'm guessing that probably still exists on the old server and still can be connected to. I should be using the domain name ... instead -- the host probably moved the pointers for that. When I change the FTP profile to point to the domain name instead of the IP address it no longer sees the INSTALLATION directory. I suspect there is an obsolete host out there with a superfluous INSTALLATION directory as well as a bunch of other changes I now have the pleasure to make again.

        Thanks again for your quick support and sorry for throwing a red herring out there.