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Weird Timestamp issue

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  • Weird Timestamp issue


    When I synchronize through FTP (FTPS as mentionned in the FTP profile), copied files first appear (in BC3) with correct date. But when I refresh the FTP view, every file appears with a Date incrementad by exactly 2 hours. For instance, I have in local forlder a file dated 15/01/2003 15:23. I synchronise and see in BC3 FTP tab that file has been copied with this date. But if I refresh the FTP view, then I can see the same file but with the timestamp: 15/01/2003 17:23 !
    What's happening ?
    I tried to modify settings in FTP profiles to use autodetect or also UTC+1 (Paris), and same issue appears. I tried also with UTC-1 and UTC+3, but it's always an increment of 2 hours.
    I test BC3 3.1.11.
    I am located in France, and the FTP server is located in the states.

    I would not mind so much the problem of 2h systematic gap, but the problem is that FTP files are all seen as newer than local ones by BC3, and thus I can not compare correctly. Morevover, BC3 does not copy properly some files (which appear to have different size), but when I want to re-syncrhonise, BC3 does not even try, because it sees the FTP files as newer (at least I guess it's the reason..)

    Any idea of problem cause and solution ?


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    Have you tried setting it to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or GMT-2 (Coordinated Universal Time -2)? After changing the FTP Profile, fully restart BC3. Normally, this would not be required, but as a troubleshooting step please fully restart BC3 each time you make a change to the FTP Profile. Changing this option should give different results for the FTP timestamps (even if they are not the correct time). This option is in the Tools menu -> FTP Profiles, select your specific profile, edit the setting in the General tab after unchecking Use defaults.

    Make sure you are loading the profile by using the Browse button in the Folder Compare, select the FTP tab, and select the profile from the load button. It is easy to accidentally load a different profile when typing it in or loading a saved session.

    How does that work for you? Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the tip.
      Indeed, it requires restarting completely BC3, apparently.
      By doing so, I could solve the issue, using a different timeslot than mine and than server's. A little bit weird to my mind.. Hopefully, it's not adding any wierd behavior.. Any way to check the time information of file actually stored (hard coded) on FTP side ? (to see if it's not another time mentionned linked with this new time slot UTC-1..) ?



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        If you press Ctrl+Shift+T you can open the Tweaks dialog. On the "Folder Views" tab is the "Include debug messages in log" option. If that's checked BC will dump the raw directory listing to the log.
        Zoë P Scooter Software