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FTP behaviour in new beta

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  • FTP behaviour in new beta


    I'm running the last beta under WinXP sp3. I'm SFTP folder comparing with a target running debian's lenny openssh.

    I've updated to the beta because of the new symlink handling. But I noticed a lot of differences introduced by the beta.

    The main one is that target symlink that points to directories are not shown !
    Also, the FTP profile settings -L seems to be of no effect anymore (as well as the link resolution option : Fast/Simple).

    I've not found the new folder switch to view links or their contents (probably because I'm under windows, but if true I would like to have it under windows as well to be able to sync links content with windows local files).



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    Thanks for reporting the problem. The "Follow Symbolic Links" option is only available in the Linux version of BC3.2 beta.

    It looks like the Windows version is always set to not follow symlinks and doesn't provide a way to change the behavior. I'll add this to our bug list to be fixed.
    Chris K Scooter Software