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beta: SFTP folder compare doesn't reliably handle file sizes

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  • beta: SFTP folder compare doesn't reliably handle file sizes

    Using the beta, the listed file sizes for some files are wrong when doing a folder compare. In my case it's from an SFTP server on Vista to a Ubuntu 10.4 ext4 file system. There are three problems:

    1) File sizes are wrong on the Vista side (sometimes).

    2) BC copies such files from left to right but continues to show them with different file sizes and the different file sizes don't correspond to converting from \r\n to \n. For example, even with a binary transfer, the real file size of 7,617 bytes is reported correctly on the Ubuntu side but shown as 7,525 bytes on the Vista side. Whether with or without converting line endings, I'd never expect the file size in unix to be greater than in Vista. And the incorrect value on the Vista side doesn't seem to be related to converting line endings because the file has 232 lines. And I don't think there's anything special about the file because I see the problems with various files and this is new behavior of BC.

    3) If I monkey around long enough (e.g. using Refresh Selection) I can sync the files and they are filtered out of the compare but then for ascii transfers BC hasn't converted \r\n to \n even with a .txt file that I know is specified as ascii in "Tools > FTP Profiles > Transfer > ascii types".

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    Regarding the problem with file sizes when copying from Vista (left side, FTP) to Ubuntu (right side, local disk), I'm guessing that parts (1) and (2) of the bug happen in this scenario:

    * folder compare completes
    * time elapses and left file changes, not reflected in BC GUI
    * I copy left to right
    * BC shows correct new file size on right but still shows old file size on left, thus file doesn't disappear from comparison

    There seem to be other forum posts about BC incorrectly caching the FTP side and perhaps this is another example of that problem.

    When I copy a file from left to right, that should always remove the file from the comparison (if successful and according to my filters), but currently in that scenario no matter how many times I copy left to right BC shows no error (there is no error to show) and doesn't remove the file from the comparison.

    Part (3) seems like a separate bug.