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FTP-Profiles: unwanted cleared fields after protocol change

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  • FTP-Profiles: unwanted cleared fields after protocol change

    Hi Scooter-Team,

    There is a little annoyance with FTP-Profiles which I hope to become fixed while we are in beta-process for the upcoming version 3.2:

    When I want to connect to a FTP/SFTP site which is not in my saved sessions, I usually open an empty Folder Compare sesssion and invoke the "Browse FTP Site ..." dialogbox from the toolbar.

    Here I enter the hostname (e.g. test-oracle-server04.our-company.intra), the username and password.
    Damn ... I have to use SFTP and not FTP on this machine, so I change the protocol to SFTP.
    Grrrrrmmmll ... the entry-fields for host, username and password are cleared ... I must re-enter them

    Is there a reason for that clearing? Can this be removed please?

    Same situation when I select a stored profile and want to clone it with a different protocol.

    The dialog at "Tools -> FTP profiles... -> New" behaves in a more convenient way.
    No such over-busy wipeout actions ...


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    Hi Christoph,

    We'll look into not clearing the FTP dialog's host, username and password for a future release,

    Erik Scooter Software