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iPad Photo-Sort FTP Time Stamp Issues

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  • iPad Photo-Sort FTP Time Stamp Issues

    Is anyone using Photo-Sort for the iPad with BC3?

    I'm having issues with the time stamps either not appearing or appearing incorrectly. So each time BC3 wants to try and resync ALL of my photos.

    My guess is that the issue is in the FTP server created in Photo-Sort by the iPad, but I think it's a one-man-band and support is slow (via email). So I'm hoping someone else has been working with the program.

    So far I've tried multiple variations of Complete Timestamps, Fetch Incomplete Timesstamps & Preserve Timestamps On Upload. So far no luck.

    Any thoguhts?

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    You may want to try another client to, such as Filezilla, to see if it also has the same issues preserving timestamps.

    There are a few other options as well, such as touching the local timestamps right after an upload:

    You can also enable a content comparison to compare your files, such as Binary or CRC. If the server supports the xCRC command, then it could generate the crc codes for you (making the comparison a bit faster).

    How do these suggestions and workarounds work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Sorry, I forgot to mention that I do have the session set to touch the local files.

      I also have Comparison on - Rules Based, and that seems to be working.

      But now there's a new issue. (I can post a new thread if you want...) I've entered a number of file types to exclude AND have gone back and added file types to include. I've got a lot of files on my PC which the the iPad can not deal with (.db, .wmv, .psd, etc., etc.). But I'm still getting an error that X type file can not be copied.

      It *appears* to me that the Filters are enabled, but is there something I can check to confirm this? Or is there a limit to the number of entries I can put into the Filter section? I probably have 10 or so accepted types and 15+ excluded type files.



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        If you have any file types included, all other file types are excluded and do not need to be explicitly defined. If you would like, you can email us at [email protected] with your support package (Help menu -> Support; Export), and/or email us a list of your current filters and a screenshot showing one of the items you expect to be filtered out.

        Please include a link back to this forum post if you email us.
        Aaron P Scooter Software