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wildcard in an ftp session

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  • wildcard in an ftp session


    I try the following in a script:
    load sftp://[email protected]/deployment/last-hm/server/lib/runtime/int/hm-csm-1.21.*-SNAPSHOT.jar sftp://[email protected]/deployment/hm/server/lib/runtime/int/hm-csm-1.21.*-SNAPSHOT.jar

    So, I want to compare the content of two .jar files in two different deployment folders (last-hm, hm) on the same machine. I want to access the server, the deployments do live on, from my local machine. As the minor version of the .jar files change from deployment to deployment, I need the wildcard (*) to do the comparison "automatically". The comparison works perfectly even with the wildcards, when I load the two .jar-files in different folders of my local machine.
    Everything nice and peachy with the comparison via ftp on the remote machine, when I use concrete file names and skip the wildcard.
    But as soon as I try the comparison remotely using wildcards, the .jar-files are not found...

    Do I make a mistake or is "no wildcard in ftp sessions" a limitation of BC?

    Would be great, if you could help.


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    Hi Hans,

    There's actually a "No wildcards in *any* sessions" limitation in BC. What you're seeing for local paths is just a side effect of the way we handle the path parsing and not an explicit feature. I'll add supporting this explicitly to the feature request list. For now there's not a good workaround within BC.

    About the only manual workaround I can think of would be to use BC to load the two parent folders, then generate a folder-report, parse out the filenames from the report, and launch BC a second time with the correct names.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Hej Craig!

      Thx for your response.

      Is there a way to subscribe for a notification, when this feature is available?




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        You can subscribe to our News and Announcements forum, where we announce all new versions, summarize new features, and post links to our changelog for each release.
        Aaron P Scooter Software