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FTPS - SSL connecting on wildcard cert

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  • FTPS - SSL connecting on wildcard cert

    Hi, love your indespensible comparer and now need it to work over FTPS on Windows 2008 R2 with SSL.

    FileZilla connects fine with FTPS and same login/port details, but not BC3.2.4:

    "error connecting with SSL" and "An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine"

    The server log simply states the ControlChannelOpened and immediately ControlChannelClosed.

    So I switched the server FTP to use the default machine SSL rather than the wildcard cert authorised to the company, and that connected fine - so problem sorted!

    Hope this helps someone and would also like to know if it's poss to get BC to work with the official wildcard SSL, as that one is more likely to be maintained on the server?

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    Thanks for writing in. Would it be possible for you to email us a copy of your connection log?
    Please email us at [email protected] and include a link back to this forum post for reference.

    It may also be helpful for us to be able to connect to your FTP (with or without actual login credentials.)
    Aaron P Scooter Software