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SFTP to IIS on Windows 2008 from Win 7: timezone 2 hours difference

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  • SFTP to IIS on Windows 2008 from Win 7: timezone 2 hours difference

    Good afternoon,

    V3.2.4 build 13298

    In January I started using SFTP to upload data to an IIS FTP site running on Windows server 2008; all great; using BC3 to compare and let me upload changes only.

    Once the clocks went forward in the UK (last weekend) it's all gone wrong; 'cause the times are now 2 hours out.

    The SFTP from the IIS server is reporting a time +2 hours; so for example:

    file1 size 113 03/Aug/2010 10:46 <> file1 size 113 02/Aug/2010 08:47:12
    file2 size 122 15/Dec/2010 14:21 <> file2 size 122 15/Dec/2010 12:22:11
    file3 size 2,154 29/Mar/2011 18:17 <> file3 size 2,154 29/Mar/2011 16:18:27

    IIS LHS, Win 7 PC RHS

    I've chosen a summer time last year, winter time and a brand new file there - so all the combinations, I think...

    IIS server is in UK and under my control; all correctly configured as far as I can see...

    I've used SmartFTP to connect to the IIS FTP site and it reports the directory listing with the times the same as Win 7 PC; which sort-of points to BC3 adding rather than subtracting an hour???


    Dr. Michael Dye

    PS Tried the 1 hour timezone setting; but that doesn't make a difference; as this is 2 hours out!

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    Is your FTP Profile in BC3 currently set to auto-detect timezone differences? If you change it manually to the correct timezone, how does that work for you? You can do this from the Tools menu -> FTP Profiles, select your FTP profile, and on the first tab uncheck Use Default to modify the values.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That's done it; unchecked default and set to UTC (... London) and it's all happy (and so am I!).

      Why does it fail to detect server timezone?

      Here's part of the debug log from before I changed that setting:
      29/Mar/2011 17:44:51 FTP ParserID: Windows NT
      29/Mar/2011 17:44:51 Sent> MDTM somefile.txt
      29/Mar/2011 17:44:51 Recv> 213 20100802074712
      29/Mar/2011 17:44:51 Server timezone detected as UTC+00:59. Local is UTC+00:59.

      So it's got them both right?


      Dr Michael Dye.


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        Thanks for the log, Michael. I'll pass that on to one of the developers looking into this. We may be making some additional changes to the auto-detect functionality in an upcoming release, so please feel free to re-test it after the next update or two.
        Aaron P Scooter Software