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  • Change crlf option

    I am trying to compare folders from local computer to remote site.
    If the files are transferred as ascii then the windows crlf is converted into lf (or cr -- don't recall which). Point is the files become different sizes.

    Because the files become different sizes I either have to turn off file compare or do a "=? Compare Contents". This means downloading the whole site again.

    Is there any means of forcing html to transfer as binary?

    Or, perhaps you know a better way to accomplish the compare without doing a full download of the remote size for comparison purposes.


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    Hi Claude,
    did you see already (and tried) Tools->FTP-Settings->Transfer?
    There is an option 'Transfer Type' where you can select Auto, ASCII and Binary.
    Default is Auto.

    You could set Binary (or better, you may define, what's a 'ASCII-File'.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I keep getting lost in the Tools->Options looking for FTP options. When I am reminded to look in the FTP Profiles I remember that they are there. But when I go looking I keep thinking that the settings will be under options.

      Might be good to put a link in the options to ftp settings are a reminder for dummies like moi.

      In any case, the ftp is working fine now.

      Thanks for taking the time to answer.



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        Thanks for the suggestion. We have a handy video describing where various options can be found in Beyond Compare 3:

        Let us know if you have any questions.
        Aaron P Scooter Software