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Problem with nonstandard characters in SFTP

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  • Problem with nonstandard characters in SFTP

    (continued from this thread)

    The following problem occurs when Cirrus connects to an SFTP server. It does not seem to occur with regular FTP servers.

    1. On the SFTP site, create a test folder whose name contains nonstandard characters, for example 顳’

    2. Make this test folder the base folder.

    3. Copy a file into the test folder.

    4. Move up one level so that this test folder is once again a subfolder of the base folder.

    5. Do a full refresh so that Cirrus must reconnect to the site.

    6. Double click on the test folder.

    7. See error message in log:
    Unable to load 顳’: No such file
    Also a red rectangle appears in the lower right quadrant of the folder icon for this test folder.

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    Interesting Find

    Interesting. While playing around with it, I found putty did not handle those file names very well either (Exhibiting some very odd behavior with copy/rightclick paste) while I was attempting to delete the folders.

    I'm adding it to the bug tracking software. Thanks for helping us test out the SFTP.

    If you find anything else, please let us know.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      This is fixed in the new release.
      Zoë P Scooter Software


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        Confirmed. Thanks!