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Using Directory Opus with Beyond Compare 3 to compare FTP folder with local folder

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  • Using Directory Opus with Beyond Compare 3 to compare FTP folder with local folder

    I use Directory Opus 9 a lot to manage my files as Directory Opus lends itself to moving around directories so easily.

    The scenario is such that I'm accessing with Directory Opus a local FTP site (Specifically my Android device) with SwiFTP server via my local wifi network.

    SwiFTP Server allows me to have create an FTP Server that has an address such as

    I need to assign a
    user name : bookman
    password : lemonade

    I use Directory Opus 9 to parse the address using their variable argument {sourcepath}, which produces in this case

    Unfortunately, the path required for BC3 is

    ftp://bookman:[email protected]:2121

    I have no way to use Directory Opus to automatically send the ftp path over to BC3 via the Command line command in that format with the user name :bookman and password :lemonade inserted in the correct location.

    For example, if I use {sourcepath}, there is no way for me to insert a fix string "bookman:[email protected]" automatically so that it becomes

    ftp://bookman:[email protected]:2121

    For example, if the Directory Opus command is

    {sourcepath} bookman:lemonade

    the Command line string passed over to BC3 becomes bookman:lemonade

    Is there a workaround available I can use to solve this problem so that BC3 receives

    ftp://bookman:[email protected]:2121


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    Hello bookman,

    have you arleady looked at the FTP-Profiles... dialog from the Extras menu in BC3?
    Here you should be able to permanently set a username & password for an FTP account for

    Hope this helps ...



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      Hi Christoph,

      I have already looked at the FTP-Profiles. I'm aware that I can set the username and password permanently there.

      Just that when there is a way to have Directory Opus sending the commands over is even better because BC3 would then be able to open to the relevant directories (or FTP sites) I'm on in Directory Opus.

      Using the FTP-Profiles is not so seamless.

      Just thinking there must be a better way since BC3 accepts command line arguments and I've using Directory Opus together with Beyond Compare seamlessly for a long time.

      They work wonderfully well together.

      Just that I wanted to now do this for FTP sites as well.

      Thanks anyway.


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        You'll want to write to Directory Opus to see if they have a different way of parsing or passing this information. BC3, for example, has "Open With" parameters which support a wide variety of parameters and different information, from AbsolutePath to RelativePath or just the FileName. It is possible Directory Opus supports similar arguments which could be used to construct a command line call with the proper string address. The formatting we use is fairly standard and is used by a wide variety of FTP Clients and Windows Explorer, itself.

        I did a quick google search to try and find a list of Directory Opus parameters, but did not find one. They would likely know where their documentation is located.

        If Directory Opus does not have any other means, you'll need to use a bat file or other script as an intermediary program to accept the Directory Opus call and output something another program like BC3 can open. BC3 does not require the password to be passed if you already have a BC3 FTP Profile created with the password saved; ftp://[email protected]:2121 would work.
        Aaron P Scooter Software