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  • SFTP transfer temporary file


    Hopefully a quick answer on this one.

    I'm performing a 'server to server' SFTP transfer using another server:
    '[email protected]_location' --> '[email protected]_location'

    running BC v3.3.5 on '[email protected]_location'.

    My script works fine, but what really happens is *BC* creates a temp file that is a copy of the whole file first - to the BC folder of the C: drive '[email protected]_location' - then sends it to '[email protected]_location'.

    My problem? I'm starting to run low on disk space on the C: drive of '[email protected]_location'.

    Is there any way to change the location this temp file is created?

    (Note: I cannot run the process directly on server1 as it is not a Windows/Linux machine, and remote_server cannot access server1 directly for other technical reasons)

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    BC3 uses your Windows %Temp% directory, so if you change this directory to a different destination, BC3 would use that instead. Also, BC3 deletes the temp files as soon as it is finished with the transfers, though, if the download speed is quicker than the upload, they can build up in the short term. You could limit the download speed in the FTP Profile. But by the end of the transfer there shouldn't be any files hanging around to fill up your harddrive. Is C:\ filling up by other means? Would it be possible to move some of those other files to another location rather than move the Windows %Temp% variable location?
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      Thanks for the info. Last time I looked at this, I didn't think it was %temp% but I have now confirmed that it is indeed the location, so this is the easiest way for me to fix the issue.

      Just as a further point, this is a SINGLE ~30GB file, that's why its a problem. I've been trying to convince the people that create the file to break it into smaller pieces, but...well you know...

      Thanks Again!