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Password for sftp/ftp transfer without using a BC3 profile

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  • Password for sftp/ftp transfer without using a BC3 profile

    I want to write a script where the password for the ftp transfer should be stored not in the BC3 profile! It should be included in a txt file. What I figured out that it's possible to store the password in the BC3 profile but i was not able to find a command in the scripting reference or a commandline line switch. It's not a problem for me (or better i'd appreciate) if the password would be stored as plaintext in my script.

    thx for your support

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    If you would rather declare the password as plain text, you can use that syntax during the scripting "load" command:
    load "c:\folder" "ftp://username:[email protected]/folder"
    This is plain text however, and anyone who can open the file would be able to easily see both your username and password.

    Is this the functionality you are looking for? Please let us know if you have any questions.
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      issue resolved, but again question to ftp transfer

      thank you very much that was what I was looking for. In the meanwhile I noticed that BC3 was asking for the pw and the pw was stored. So I do not have to store all data in a profile. But during the sync I noticed a problem:

      I was using the following bc3 file:

      filter -.svn\;-.\DatabaseBackup
      load "ftp://[email protected]/" "C:\local_windows_directory"
      sync create-empty mirror:left->right

      When I read the help the ftp dir will be mirrored to the local drive:
      "mirror makes the target folder identical to the source one. Newer, older, different and orphaned files are all copied to the destination. Orphans in the destination are deleted. The all direction doesn't apply in this context and is not valid. (BC3 help)"

      But during the sync process I got the messagebox:

      Confirm File Replace

      This folder contains a NEWER file named .htaccess.

      Would you like to replace the existing file
      449 bytes
      24.01.2013 21.11.48

      with this one?
      401 Bytes
      22.01.2013 22:19:35

      Why did i get this confirmation? Is there a kind of auto confirm, i thought mirror is the way to confirm for all file?

      I'm using BC 3.3.5


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        There is a script option to auto-confirm prompts. Add:

        option confirm:yes-to-all
        filter -.svn\;-.\DatabaseBackup
        load "ftp://[email protected]/" "C:\local_windows_directory"
        sync create-empty mirror:left->right

        This will answer 'yes' to any dialog prompts.
        Aaron P Scooter Software