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  • FTP Compare & Folder Exclude

    Hello All, This is my first post!

    i notice something weird and thought i will post it here.

    When i do a FTP compare to my local PC to a FTP Server and set some folder exclusions, it seems like BC3 does not exclude it from the FTP operation.

    My case is that i have this folder which is huge ~ 40 GB. I don't want to compare this folder and hence i exclude it, however BC3 seems to be looping through these folder during the compare option. The problem is that since this folder is huge and has loads of subfolders and files, it takes lots of time for the compare operation to complete.

    Any suggestions?


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    Thanks for posting. What type of exclusion have you defined? Is it a File Name Filter?

    Are the items in subfolders within the base folder that contain a lot of files? Or are they a lot of files that exist in the base level (not in a subfolder)? Which options do you have enabled in the Tools menu -> FTP Profiles, specific profile's Listings tab?

    Which version of BC3 are you running? Is it the latest release, BC 3.3.7?
    Aaron P Scooter Software