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  • Redirect compared data to excel sheet


    I have written a perl script for windows to compare two files, rediredting compared data on txt file and at last to excel(upto here code is working fine).

    I want to specify added/deleted text/line by colour as we can see while comparing files on Beyond compare.

    Can somebody guide me steps which are required to achieve beyond compare data on excel sheet with colour.


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    I would recommend using the graphical interface first to determine which report type you would like to use and how to configure the comparison. Once these factors are decided, we can then help with the script you would need.

    BC3 itself does not support output to Excel, but can generate a variety of reports from the Session menu -> Text/Data Compare Report. The HTML output can be opened by Excel, or you could save as text. If you need color, you'll need to use the HTML output type.

    Are your text files delimited or fixed width columns, with a key? If so, you can open them in the Data Compare session type. Or would they be plain text without a row/column structure, and should be opened in the Text Compare? Each Session type would have different reports available to it.

    BC3 does not show Added or Deleted, but uses a status of Orphan. Orphan are lines that exist on one side by not the other. This is because an Orphan line can be either New on the side it is on, or deleted on the other side.
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