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request to fix access key oversight in Find window

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  • request to fix access key oversight in Find window

    The find text window has keyboard access keys defined for all settings except those in its "Sides" section.

    As a reminder to the Mouse-Minded ones: keyboard access keys are those that execute a command, change focus, toggle a setting, etc., when the ALT key is held and the access key is pressed. E.g. in Beyond Compare, ALT-E access the Edit menu.

    This is a minor pain for those of us keyboard jockeys who don't like to get slowed down by lifting a hand to find & drive a mouse. It would be handy to be able to stay with the keyboard to choose the where of our search as we can with the what & how of the search.

    I'm attaching a screen capture for your quick reference.


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    Sorry for the delay, Nate. This is something we'll look into for BC3. For the BC4 beta, we have greatly re-worked this dialog and are still designing it. We would appreciate any feedback you would have on the new design as a primarily keyboard user. (I'll preemptively make a note about keyboard selection for Side).
    Aaron P Scooter Software