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  • "Open With" ClearCase -fname

    I integrated BC3(pro) with ClearCase and when doing a comparison it is invoked with such a command line:
    BCompare.exe xcompare -fname d:\folder\[email protected]@\main\branch\0 -fname d:\folder\[email protected]@\main\branch\1 \\server\ccase_vobs\...\xxx \\server\ccase_vobs\...\yyy /BCompWnd=$0013068E

    From what I see d:\folder\[email protected]@\main\branch\0 respectively \1 are only display names in the combo boxes above the file comparison, because as soon I click on that boxes it will display the real UNC paths \\server\ccase_vobs\...\xxx respectively \\server\ccase_vobs\...\yyy.

    My problem is that I want to call an external editor from BC and if I try to use any of the available parameters %f, %n, %F, etc, they will use the UNC path but not the display path.

    Can you add an additional parameter which will send to the external application the display name (the one received via -fname)?

    Or do you know any method to reverse the display name from those UNC paths? I searched net if I can use cleartool to covert a given UNC path into a real Windows path pointing to the snapshot view, which then can be handled by the external editor but I couldn't find yet an answer.

    Thank you,

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    Thanks for the detailed report. This is not something we currently support; our Open With parameters do not access the -fname parameter data from Clearcase. This is something we'll look into, but it is not likely we would be able to implement it soon.

    As for the reverse UNC paths, I'm afraid I don't have any specific advice. I think the best thing we could do is go with your initial suggestion, though Clearcase support might have some ideas on this.
    Aaron P Scooter Software