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Show required and available space before sync

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  • Show required and available space before sync

    Most probably I am overlooking it, for which I am sorry.

    Before(!) copying selected folders/files from : x:\subfolder to y:\subfolder, I am not sure whether they will fit.

    Beyond Compare shows free space on both drives.
    But I'd like to know the size of my selection.

    See thumbnail.

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    Generally I copy from the right side to the left side.
    When I select some objects and then choose copy to the left side, it asks for a confirmation and shows the amount of data that it will copy.
    In Your case is it different?


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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      I click either on the >> or << button at the top, get a pop-up window, stating number of files/folders to be synchronized.
      But I donot know if, in the end, it will fit.

      Normally, if there sufficient space available, well, it doesn't matter.
      It becomes more important when you want to squeeze as much as possible on the destination drive and you are in the -say- 'process' of selecting folders,i.e. you wish to have a bit of 'forecast' whether or not your selection will indeed fit.



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        Now I see what You mean.
        Instead I select what I want to copy and then I use the yellow <= icon "Copy to left".
        I appears this box that I attach here.
        You can make the selection choosing "Show Right Newer and Right Orphans".


        Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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          Thanks for the dialog screenshot. Our Copy dialog does show the preview size, but the Sync dialog shows a list of file names. It's on our Customer Wishlist to expand on this.

          If you are Syncing the entire folder structure (not a selection), you can use our Folder Sync session type. This session can be switching from a Folder Compare session in the Session menu -> Sync base folders, or launched directly from the Home screen.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            It would be nice indeed to have the sync expanded with details regarding (required) space. As said, if a lot of space is available, it does not matter.
            It matters when users want to sync a lot of (big) folders and like to see if all fits before starting.
            This 'space-precalculation' gets important when sync a lot of folders/subfolders/big volumes

            Actually, sofar(!) the below I never tried it out....

            Say I select 10 folders, including sub-subfolders bla bla.
            All adding up to -e.g.- 60GB
            I sync those to a destination drive/folder, but at some point the drive is full.

            I'll get a warning, sure.

            I would assume that Beyond Compare synchronises folders 1 by 1, i.e. it synchronise:
            folder 1, when done, then
            folder 2, when done, then
            folder 3, etc.

            One by one.

            So when the drive is full, at the folders that have been copied are complete, e.g. folders 1 to 6 are complete, but starting folder 7, the drive ran out of space, then nothing is copied.

            I did a small and simple test just now, with a limited number of small folders.
            Noticed that BC copied some entire folders 100%, but as the drive got full, only parts have been copied of some other folders.

            This shows the importance of calculation of space requirement, before... starting the sync job.
            In this scenario I would reduce the number of folders, until Beyond Compare tells me that they will indeed fit.
            If I were to sync a lot of big folders, with many sub-sub folders, I need to delete the incomplete folders.

            This is no criticism, just a suggestion to further improve your product.

            oh... it would be nice users would get more time before being logged out from the forum!
            I was busy with the below test etc.
            continued writing my reply.
            Wanted to post but then I was logged out.
            luckely I first copied the text to clipboard...





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              Thanks for the detailed write up. I'll add these notes to the wishlist entry.

              Our forum timeout is currently set to a little over 30 minutes. This is also tied to the Who's Online functionality; increasing this might give users inaccurate expectations of who is online. Going Back in your browser should repopulate the text field and allow you an attempt to repost, but occasionally flakes and does not work.
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                Okay, thanks.
                Well, going back blancs everything. Regretfully so.
                (at least, in my case)

                Some sites have a kind of 'auto-save' feature, meaning that posts, when being edited, are saved every , say , 20-30 seconds or so.

                This avoids loss of text and avoids being logged out and properly keeps track of 'who is online' properly.

                Users can then do some other things on the net, e.g. extra verifying what they intend to post is correct, or whatever.

                Anyway, thanks again.

                best regards