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Flashing taskbar button once ready ?

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  • Flashing taskbar button once ready ?

    Beyond Compare is copying stuff in the background.
    In the taskbar I can see the process "..% drivename<->"

    Once done, I would like to have (at least as an option) the taskbar button flashing, so I can do the next copy-job.

    Right now Beyond Compare is ready and just 'waiting' until I remember to check it out. A waste of idle time, because I was concentrating on other things.

    Maybe this is something somewhere in BC settings..?


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    Thanks for the suggestion. With the latest release of BC, we should support showing the progress bar on the Icon (Windows 7). While this doesn't flash, it would fill, then not be present once the copy is complete. Would this work for catching your eye?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I guess it is an improvement over the current situation a least.
      (Maybe even add a sound option? )

      The suggestion came up because I did some synchronizing of big folders, bit by bit, so I let it go in the background and kind of forgot about it and later discovered BC completed the task already.

      Thanks again.


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        I am not sure whether this progress bar works alright all the time.
        Try to mirror some big folders with lots of files.

        a) The taskbar will show a % but after a while the % disappears
        b) the green progress bar will come up once in a while and again disappears and after a while it (with me around 50%) it does not show anymore.

        Actually, maybe after roughly 50-60% or so, with me, there is neither a __% nor a progress bar, whilst running 3.3.8.

        I need to open Beyond Compare to see if it completed the task.

        Maybe change color totally into green when completed?

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          The progress bar should remain throughout the sync. Could we get more info on how/why it is disappearing?

          If you maximize the window again, does the icon refresh and show the correct information/progress again?
          Aaron P Scooter Software