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  • Filename case comparision

    When using context menu to first select folder A to compare with folder B
    (so I have the two folders in front me, source left-panel, destination right-panel), but wish to have files -also- compared considering case-sensitive, I cannot find anything like "Compare filename case" there.
    I know it is in the "Home-session panel" alright.

    Am I overlooking it?


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    Comparing case is a Session Setting item. This can be set as a default value for all future comparisons, or set per session after the session is opened.

    The default is configured on the Home screen, in the Saved Sessions list, in the Edit session defaults folder, Folder Compare: Comparison tab. This will apply to all future Folder Compare sessions.

    Or, after launching a compare, use the Session Settings dialog, Comparison tab to enable for just that view.

    This only adds file name case as a comparison criteria (if files are aligned and case is different, it will mark them as a different). It does not alter if files should align; that is controlled by the file system of each side.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the feedback.

      I just 'discovered' it ... ahum ...
      tsk tsk on me.

      Use the 'Rules" button after compare.