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  • Run opened without prompting

    I have a list of 20 sessions (mirror) grouped in 1.
    When I open the group, all sessions show up, 20 tabs, side by side.
    Okay sofar.

    However, I just want to click on a 'run or start' button and all the sessions run one after the other, without me having to click on the SYNC button.

    I can then walk away and do something else in the meantime.

    Is this possible?

    If so, where and what do I have to set or do?


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    It is not possible to automated the sync one after the other in the graphical interface of the current version. You would need to use BC Scripting (which would use saved Folder Compare sessions, not Folder Sync), and then a batch script to call one after the other.

    In the interface, you would need to manually sync one, then wait and perform the next, or perform them at the same time.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I am -not- a Beyond Compare expert: I use it often, but then again pretty much straightforward, mostly to compare folders and mirror from source to destination. That's it.

      Now, I also have SyncBackPro as a backup program and am running that one occassionally only as most of the time I use Beyond Compare.

      Both programs have their pros and cons. I like BC because I think it is (much) faster, it allows me to make ad-hoc comparisons and gets me a preview of differences, so I can decide on what should/should not be synchronized.
      SyncBackPro allows me to select a number of task, click on 'Run' and I can go and watch TV, whatever.
      SyncBackPro also allows versioning.
      Also I run two tasks at the same time
      backup from folder X -> folder Y -and-
      backup from folder X -> folder Z
      (without access denied issues)

      But, as said, I am using BC in 9 out of 10 times for reasons stated above.
      Therefore I was considering of removing SyncBackPro. That's the reason for asking.

      Maybe it would be a new feature for Beyond Compare 4 ?
      Add / combine single tasks into 1
      (or BC4 'Pro')

      Personally, I dont think it is a weird suggestion...
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        It isn't weird, and is on our Customer Wishlist. Our wishlist is where our developers go for ideas for future features and enhancements. It is not likely we'll be able to launch it with BC4.0, but it is on our radar.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Actually I feel a bit ashamed having to confess that I was not aware of the BC4 forum. I always jumped to BC3 forum.
          Else I would have repeated an earlier request to have an option to run BC4 from 1 source folder to multiple destination folders.

          A bit like:
          Left folder

          Right folder
          [Y:\DestinationFolder1; Z:\DestinationFolder2___]

          Assume there is no room for such 'big' changes?
          Or would it still make sense to submit a 'Feature Request' in the BC4 forum?



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            We only recently opened up the BC4 forum for the public beta rollout. You can post there, or email us feature requests.

            One to Many is something on our wishlist, but won't likely make it into the initial 4.0 release.
            Aaron P Scooter Software