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Open 'Right Orphans' view from command line

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  • Open 'Right Orphans' view from command line

    I'd like to call BC with a certain set of settings from the command line.

    I cannot use sessions because BC shall be invoked on different computers and I don't want to mess with other people's configurations.

    Is there a way to call BC with a Folder Comparison of two zip archives using the 'Right Orphans View' and using the 'Only Compare Files' option?

    As far as I can see the required command line options are not available and scripting does not show the GUI. Am I correct?


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    Correct, a saved session would be the best way to go. Script is always automated, and we do not support similar command line parameters. I'd recommend two different approaches:

    1) A Portable install of BC3 you can use (from a network location or thumbdrive) which you would then use without altering user settings. This Portable could have your settings, configuration and include any custom Sessions you would need.

    2) A shared saved BCSessions.xml, which can have this session saved to a network/shared location, then in that user's Options dialog, you can configure a Shared Sessions File (Tools menu -> Options, General), which will load a secondary Sessions.xml in their session list as a list of read only sessions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you.

      Could you add the extension of the command line options interface to the BC4 wish list?

      In our setting we call BC from different tools and it would be very helpful if the BC settings could be configured in detail from the command line.

      The goal would be that the only precondition for the client machine is that BC is installed. All other neccessary configurations should be configurable on the command line call.



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        I can add these notes to our Wishlist entry on command line support enhancement. It is not likely these changes would be something we can tackle soon, so I would still recommend investigating the other two strategies.
        Aaron P Scooter Software