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Disable/Hide pop up Notification windows for scripts

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  • Disable/Hide pop up Notification windows for scripts

    Hi all,

    I've been using BC to compare a number of folders on my PC against folders on my home server. I works well as a back up and I've set scripts to run these sessions and Windows task scheduler to start them regularly.

    The problem is, whenever the script runs it shows a pop up window of the task with the details and shows the files it's copying if there are any changes. This obviously could be useful, but as I have a number of them running and whenever the pop up windows pop up they do so in the foreground (ie: if I'm typing in Word then the the pop up takes precedence and I have to click back to word to continue typing), it gets quite annoying!

    Is there a setting to turn off the pop up notifications of BC scripts running?

    Sorry if this should be posted in 'scripting' I wasn't sure as it wasn't about writing scripts.



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    No problem, Dan.

    The key you are looking for is "/silent" which can be added to the Task Scheduler command line to suppress the pop-up. Please note this will suppress all pop ups, including error messages. I would recommend having a log line in your script (as the first line) to review if any errors are hit.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Great, thanks.

      Sorry, I'm fairly new to scripting, what would I enter for the log line?

      Thanks again,



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        Sorry, I just re-read it and now understand what you mean. I have a log line so can check for errors.

        Thanks for this, I've ignored the problem for ages and now a few quick changes and it's sorted!