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  • Command line not working


    I searched the archives and didn't see anyone with this problem.

    With BC2, I could launch a saved session like this: BCompare.exe "- My session"

    and "- My session" would open just fine and run the comparison and wait for me to hit the synchronize button.

    The "-" is part of the session name for sorting purposes. I have about 50 saved sessions, and I have them broken into 2 groups -- half of them have the dash in front of the name so they display at the top of the screen in front of the others.

    Ever since I upgraded to BC3, this doesn't work. BC3 opens, but seems to ignore the command line argument -- i.e., it opens to the session screen, but does not open the session. (It does not highlight the session I specified in the command line either...)

    Is this a bug? Can it be fixed? Please?

    If not, yeah, I can do a workaround and rename things with an "a" for the first group and a "b" for the second group, but I'm not a real fan of workarounds -- I just kind of like it when things work correctly. Seems like this would be an easy fix.....

    - Mike.

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    The Windows/Linux command line and BC3 support command line parameters, which are lead in with a "-" or "/". The most immediate workaround is to use this command line to escape that character, which then passes it to BC3 as a character of the session name:
    bcompare.exe ".\- mysession" would load "- mysession"

    Coming from BC2 to BC3, we also added Session folders. Folders can sort groups of like sessions, and sort them in the larger list. You could create a "1" folder of sessions, and load "1\my session" or another folder name in the graphical interface to sort your sessions without editing each session name with a prefix.
    Aaron P Scooter Software