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FEATURE REQ: text file section compare

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  • FEATURE REQ: text file section compare

    I am a VBScript programmer so we have lots and lots of scripts everywhere in our system. As with scripting, we reuse functions by copy and paste. Over time particular functions become tweaked etc.

    It would be good if Beyond Compare can do a folder compare/analysis (which could contain hundreds of files with nested folders), and compare text file/script functions with other files functions (regardless of line positioning in file).

    Is this actually possible to do with a bit of BC scripting?

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    Not directly, as BC3's Folder Compare aligns files first by file name (pairs, left vs. right) then runs the comparison on those aligned pairs.

    We do have a Text Content filter, which can show files that contain only a specific text string. This could be used to display only files which contain a specific method, at which point you can drill in and manually compare those function calls between different pairs of files. Unfortunately, there isn't a more automated scan approach.
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