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1% is not a valid Win32 Application

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  • 1% is not a valid Win32 Application

    This may be asked and answred but I couldn't search on it.

    I always create a new file type and add my test strings to ignore to it. It has always worked till I did this to Excel files. Created my own myExcel and copied all properties and file masks from the Excel file type, then added my grammar masks.

    Received the error listed in the subject line.

    Additional details:
    1. Looks like Excel files use Data format - no grammer tab, I need to use Grammer tab.
    2. I have quoted and entered fully qualiied name of VBS script.
    3. I am able to create CSV files from the XLSM files so I can change this to a CSV compare process in batch.
    4. Win7 OS, BC is v3.2.4 (and we cannot easily upgrade)
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    Did you customize an external conversion? It looks like it might expect a "%1" parameter, but have a typo of "1%"?

    If you need grammar items, you will need to open the Excel files in the Text Compare. Do to this, use the Text Compare MS Excel format download from the "Alternatives" section on our website:

    Once installed, you will have two File Formats in the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog for "MS Excel". The white icon is for Text Compare; the gold icon for the Data Compare. The topmost format is the one used automatically when you try to open MS Excel files. Both formats use the current install of Excel on your machine to help perform the conversion.

    The Data Compare can ignore certain differences, but this will depend on if you need advanced RegEx (Text Compare), or column specific (Data Compare).
    Aaron P Scooter Software