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  • Save Excel file after compare


    my issue is about the excel save method. I'm performing a data compare, i'm able to compare the two excel files, and in case of differences, i'm also able to copy from one excel to the other.
    Once i finish the edit (ex: file 2 is edited) if i try to save the change, BC will create a false excel file.
    Is there a way to change the output format and let BC save the file like the original excel?




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    None of BC3's File Formats allow edits or saves to an Excel file. The File Formats include an option to "Disable Editing" by default. If this option has been disabled, it would then allow editing, but would create text files (false versions). I strongly recommend re-enabling this option in the File Format -> Conversion tab.

    The reason for this is because Excel provides a method of converting and viewing the files using the command line, but not a method for saving them. BC3 uses the current install of Excel and calls the VBScript to convert from XLS to text for viewing/comparison. Because Excel does not have a method of converting back using VBScript into the original format of the original file, any saves would be in text. Because of this, the default state for BC3 is to disable editing and only supports comparing the files.

    If you need to Edit your Excel files, it is recommended to use Excel to convert the files to CSV. Since CSV is a plain text format, we can then perform edits; Excel also can open and display CSV files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,

      first of all thanks for the quick answer.
      My problem is that the excel file contains also macros, so if i convert it to CSV i will loose all those macros.
      So is not a "limit" of BC but more an excel one...

      Anyway thanks again




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        We do have additional downloads (alternate formats) for Excel with VBA, and Excel with formulas. Would either of these help if installed?
        Instructions are here:
        The downloads are under the "Alternatives" section.

        When installed, in the Tools menu -> File Formats, the topmost 'excel' format is the one used. I do still recommend going here and resetting to defaults or manually re-enabling "Disable Editing" to prevent any edits or saving.
        Aaron P Scooter Software