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Copy Problem with version 3.3.8 and QNAP

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  • Copy Problem with version 3.3.8 and QNAP

    I have a problem with BCompare version I will synchronize Data from two locations: a mobile USB-Disk and a QNAP NAS Server TS-412. So I display the differences and will copy a large TIF file (12 MByte) from USB Disk to NAS-Server. I use the right mouse menu copy to left and copy process starts. But after 2 MByte the process ends with an error:
    German version "Der angegebene Netzwerkname ist nicht mehr verf├╝gbar."
    Translate to English: "The given network name is not available".
    But when I go to windows explorer the NAS Server works fine. I had this problem also with previous BCompare versions. I don't know, if this problems occur with other disks or other file sizes. But I know, that I have a seriously problem with with 12 MBytes and the QNAP as Target.

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    If you copy from your USB to your Desktop\, then from your Desktop\ to the NAS device, at which point do you hit an error?

    Are there any available updates to the firmware or drivers for your NAS device?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thank you for answer.

      I copy directly from USB disk to NAS. The disk in desktop is not involved. I use the windows explorer to map the devices. I map USB disk to F: and the QNAP to Q:. Then I use BCompare to find the differences. Then I copy from F: to Q: using BCompare.

      I've checked the firmware versions. Yes, there is a firmware available.