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Any way to globally change sesssion settings?

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  • Any way to globally change sesssion settings?

    My company is enforcing a folder structure now and my 50+ saved BC sessions' folders now have a new base name. Is there a way go globally change c:\code to c:\newfolder without manually editing each one?

    The settings backup file looks like it's binary.

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    Hello Jim,

    Not within the GUI, but if you are comfortable editing XML files, yes.

    The exported settings file (bcpkg) is a renamed zip, which you could open and view the BCSessions.xml.

    Alternatively, you could backup and edit the settings directly. You can navigate straight to them using the Help menu -> Support dialog, and click the blue link to Explore Settings folder.

    BCSessions.xml is the .xml that contains your saved sessions, and I would recommend backing it up first (in case you accidentally violate syntax and need to try again), then perform a Find/Replace all on the text you need to replace.

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Editing the files in the zip worked great! Thanks, that saved me a major headache.